The Green Toad Hemp Farm by Dwayne Hirsch

Dwayne Hirsch was a corporate executive from Chicago, with 25 years of experience at Wal-Mart, Ross, Sears and more. He had thousands of employees and managed billions of dollars in annual revenue.

These days, he’s making history in Georgia co-founding the first Black-Owned cannabis farm. What lead him to this point? A 17 year old boy who’s on the Autism spectrum. His son. Hirsch found that cannabis helped calm his son and helped him communicate more easily.

Dwayne Hirsch (left)

They started promoting the brand in 2019 and worked through Covid to make it a reality, now in their second season of harvesting.

The difference between Hemp and THC?

In an interview with Sheen Magazine, Hirsch explained the difference between Hemp and THC, “The simplest difference is that while each contains broad medicinal benefits, Hemp and its bi-products do not make its users “high”. The level of THC content in Marijuana produces that effect. Federally, Hemp is legal and Marijuana is not, though many states are adopting laws for recreational use.”

Here’s a video of Dwayne showing someone around one of the shops

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